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    무료 블랙잭 베팅전략

    We help organisations, sectors and governments adapt to the changing climate through the generation, exchange and application of knowledge.

    • Developing tools & concepts
    • Connecting people & ideas
    • Translating & communicating knowledge
    • Building capacity

    Our work can help to improve the flow of information between researchers and decision-makers, enhancing long-term relationships between the research, policy and practitioner communities. We also work to improve the exchange of knowledge between climate change adaptation and the related agendas of mitigation, DRR and sustainable development.

    Adaptation Wizard

    UKCIP’s Adaptation Wizard is a 5-step process to help your organisation adapt to climate change. It’s also a guide to useful information, tools and resources.
    UKCIP Adaptation Wizard

    Climate change adaptation showcase

    Take a look at the presentations from our seminar of adaptation research and best practice.

    Transformational adaptation

    Our latest report examines what transformational adaptation is, why it matters and why we need it.

    New to adaptation?

    Discover what we mean by adaptation, and how understanding this process could help you.


    Find out about our current adaptation projects in the UK, Europe and beyond.


    Explore new ideas in adaptation and find out more about our work and ideas. Share your thoughts too!

    M&E resources

    A selection of reports exploring and evaulating adaptation monitoring and evaluation resources.